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"Enlighten-me" chapter 

The "enlighten me" chapter comprises of tutorials and workshops which strive to educate and lead to knowledge acquisition. This series will thus also include discussion and seminar series which focuses on enriching the knowledge of the participant.

The Wednesday Series

created by trainees for trainees

Non-traditional applications of Spatial & Single Cell Technologies

This category houses all talks devoted to how spatial and single cell technologies are used to study non-healthcare related topics such as insect biology, ecology and other environmental, ecological and natural phenomena. The purpose is to raise awareness of current work and method development in the spatial and single cell domains outside of conventional or popular topics or development.

Panoramics Tutorial-Lecture Series, Summer 2023

During the summer of 2023, we put together a series of tutorial-lecture series that were planned to enlighten participants with the basic to intermediate concepts as well as challenging topics for those eager to advance beyond.

All events in this series came with a lecture component. However, some of them had an additional hands-on or tutorial component as well. 

In addition, PANORAMICS has shared resources for the participant to explore further in addition to these sessions, where possible.

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