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We have put together a series of tutorial-lecture series that has been planned to enlighten participants with the basic to intermediate concepts as well as challenging topics for those eager to advance beyond.

All events in this series come with a lecture component. However, some of them have an additional hands-on or tutorial component as well. 

In addition, PANORAMICS will provide resources for the participant to explore further in addition to these sessions.

The "PANORAMICS TUTORIAL-Lecture series "

Chapter 4  | Let's deviate from tradition

As the name implies, there are myriad ways to analyze data and the more flexible and knowledgeable we are of the range of ways we can use these methods, the more flexible and creative we can be with interrogating our data. The lecture series in this chapter will introduce two major themes that are fundamental towards data analysis and is meant to once again encourage the participants to try to explore beyond standard analysis.

a. High dimensional analysis -Thinking beyond tradition ​| A "challenge-me" series event

b. Pan-cancer scRNA-seq data integration at scale using deep learning ​A "challenge-me" series event

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The below chapters belong to the same series.

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​​Chapter 1 | The Biologist's toolkit for single cell & bulk computational analysis

A hands-on tutorial series for users who want to explore single cell (and bulk RNA) datasets without going through a programming interface.

a. COBE presentation | An "enlightenment-me" series event

b. Single cell RNA sequencing analysis using CRESCENT | An "enlightenment-me" series event

c. Bulk genomics analysis using cBioPortal | An "enlightenment-me" series event


Chapter 2 | Stepping into the world of single cell RNA sequencing - The Fundamental Principles

This is a great tutorial for novices who need an entry level course as well as for non-computational scientists who would like to follow along the basic programming pipeline in order to increase their level of understanding. | An "enlightenment-me" series event

Chapter 3 | Rise Above & Think Beyond

These lecture series discuss key concepts regarding normalization and differential analysis and serve to challenge the participant to think beyond conventional paradigms and to shift away from taking these fundamental processes for granted.

a. An examination of the evolving views on normalization for single-cell RNA-seq data | A "challenge-me" series event

b. Differential Analysis - not simply a fold difference. | A "challenge-me" series event

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