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PANORAMICS - A Vision where we can share a view into the future

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

In 2017, a wonderful and remarkable group of scientists came together and established the Toronto scAnalysis Working Group. This self-fueling group grew and expanded to encompass hundreds of members, spilling over beyond Toronto to the rest of Canada and beyond. Meetings, discussions and seminars spawned from enthusiastic and creative minds into understanding and importantly teaching and helping members from both wet and dry lab in their single cell ventures.

Like many groups, the group suffered the impact of the pandemic. And yet deep within the sleeping 'giant' lay the countless minds with dreams, ideas and thirst for the group to spring back to its original form or perhaps much more. In November 2022, we held a small focus group discussion event, that spanned over four sessions, where we shared a vision to expand the current group to become more inclusive of a broader spectrum of spatial and single cell technologies and our vision of what this new re-branded group could be. However, more importantly, we wanted to understand what was needed, what others thought could be done to improve the group so that when we re-imagined it, it would a creation that belonged to everyone.

We are proud to bring you PANORAMICS - A Vision for a pan-Canadian collaborative working cluster for spatial and single cell multi-omics technologies & projects.

But wait - PANORAMICS is more than a working cluster. The name was coined from the root word 'panorama' , an unbroken view of the whole region surrounding an observer. And that is what we are, a group of bright, enthusiastic and dedicated individuals, with dreams and hopes that drive us each day, sharing, educating and holding each other when we need to along the way.

Because by sharing our visions with each other, we create a far greater one, a panorama that we can be enlightened, challenged and inspired by.

We warmly welcome you to PANORAMICS - A Vision.

Shamini Ayyadhury

16th APRIL 2023


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Also see how you can help us as PANORAMICS prepares for "thematic clusters"


PANORAMICS - A Vision would like to thank our focus group participants (Nov 2022) as well as others who provided us with additional feedback. Your valuable input helped to spur the re-imagination and re-boot of this group.

Federico Gaiti Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Ameer Sarwar University of Toronto

Gary Bader University of Toronto

Eugenia Flores Figueroa UHN

Benjamin Pyenson York University

Yuju Lee University of Toronto

Takis Prinos University of Toronto

Lisa Bradley SickKids Hospital

Rachel Edgar UHN

Ryan Tian University of Toronto

Troy Ketela UHN

Safwat Khan University of Toronto

Daniel Stueckmann University of Toronto

Shirin Soleimani University of Toronto

Maryam Sataripoor Princess Margaret Research Centre

Vivian Chu University of Toronto

Brendan Innes University of Toronto

Amos Lim McEwen Stem cell institute

Shanza Ayub Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute

Hassaan Maan University of Toronto

Fatema Zohora Princess Margaret Cancer Center

Delaram Pouyabahar University of Toronto

Zoe Clarke University of Toronto

Ping Luo Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Shirley Hui Princess Margaret Hospital

Javier Diaz Phenomic AI

Cameron Isaacs-Trepanier University of Toronto

Lama Fawaz The Neuro

David Langlais McGill University

Spyros Oikonomopoulos McGill University

Amos Lim UHN

Behrang Sharif McGill


Tanja Durbic PMGC

Shamini Ayyadhury University of Toronto/PMCRT

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