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Panoramic Tutorial Lecture Series, Summer 2023

We have put together a series of tutorial-lecture series that has been planned to enlighten participants with the basic to intermediate concepts as well as challenging topics for those eager to advance beyond.All events in this series come with a lecture component. However, some of them have an additional hands-on or tutorial component as well. In addition, PANORAMICS will provide resources for the participant to explore further in addition to these sessions.

High-dimensional analysis-Thinking beyond tradition

Ms. Delaram Pouyabahar

Differential Analysis - not simply a fold difference

Mr. Brendan Innes

An examination of the evolving views on normalization for single-cell RNA-seq data

Dr. Rhonda Bacher

Stepping into the world of single cell RNA sequencing - The fundamental principles

Ms. Melanie Davie, Dr. Shreejoy Tripathy


Ms. Marian Tang

Single cell RNA sequencing analysis using CRESCENT

Mr. Suluxan Mohanraj


Mr. Paul Brogee, Ms. Emily So

The 'Wednesday' Series

Panoramics is thrilled to introduce the "Wednesday Series,” a safe and inclusive discussion group created by Trainees for Trainees, where newcomers to the -omics space (Single Cell/Spatial) can be empowered by seasoned experts in order to advance their research and career goals. Both dry and wet lab researchers at all levels are welcome to participate!Newcomers can sign up to present in one of three streams, (Lightning Talk, Story Time and Deep Waters) to troubleshoot research, share interesting articles and get feedback on their projects from peers in a safe and inclusive space.

TWS is currently undergoing structural re-modeling - We will be back shortly

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